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Infographics help Rewire illustrate points made in the blogs, micro-sites, and various lead pages. They come to me with a concept and content, and I am responsible for laying the material out in a clear and concise manner.


Once layout is approved, I go in and dress it up with imagery and icons to help communicate their message.

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To go hand-in-hand with their website content, Rewire requires various icons and illustrations to help communicate their message.

I am responsible for the initial design of these illustrations, editing and feedback stages, and completion along with delivery of multiple image options (dark and light backgrounds, no background, B&W, and color).

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Icons & Illustrations

Rewire has multiple micro-sites and lead pages, each which need distinct backgrounds and playful imagery.

I am responsible for developing the designs for these backgrounds and making the designs subtle, but intentional.

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Website Banners & Backgrounds

Since Rewire uses the inbound method to increase their sales, they need a multitude of downloadable content to be available to their audience.

When requested to design downloadable content, I am given concepts and then develop potential designs for each piece of content.

Once we have a final, I ensure that everything is on-brand. Logo is present and colors are correct, then I deliver them a piece ready to be hosted on a webpage.

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Downloadable Content


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