Working with a tech startup to boost their brand validity, enhance their client experience, and more!

As the software progressed, so did the design of the website. I designed a responsive web template on the Wix platform that would scale with the company. I am responsible for coordinating SEM and SEO strategy with our marketing team and steering our ship in the right direction.

I am also responsible for maintenance and updates made to the website. Since our software is hosted on the same domain, I work with our developers to ensure that all aspects of the domain and software and coordinated and working as fast as possible. 

Website Design & Maintenance

Very important to sales and marketing, digital and print media are also my responsibility when working with VoiceSifter. I design sales material templates and personalize them for different companies upon request of the VoiceSifter sales team.

I also develop materials for our clients in order to promote the usage of our software. These materials and heavily personalized and usually require coordinating with a client's marketing team in order to align strategy and feel.

Print & Digital Media

From signup to sign off, I am responsible for creating positive experiences for all of VoiceSifter's clients. These duties are extensive and include:

  • On-boarding videos

  • Creating accounts, adding and on-boarding users

  • Answering support questions

  • Coordinating support with our development team when a bug is discovered

  • Announcing feature releases

  • Print material design and ordering

Client Experience & Onboarding

Utilizing my experience in marketing, I am the content creator for the vast majority of VoiceSifter's articles, blogs, case studies, and more.

I write content, when outsourced I simply edit to align with our SEO practices and then publish. I make sure that all our content is aligned along certain keywords and that our sales strategy is adequately supported through our content production.

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Content Creator


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